How to keep a relationship strong: 18 golden rules of a relationship

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18 golden rules of a relationship

Relationships can add a lot of meaning to a person’s life. And a successful relationship takes a lot of trust and work to build. Whether it’s a relationship with a friend or a romantic partner, understanding their personality takes a long time. But when it comes to a lifetime partner, it is natural to face some tough times and you may need a little support. Please follow these rules of a relationship for a healthy lifestyle with your partner. so What are the rules for a successful relationship?

18 Rules That Will Deepen Your Relationship

1. Be responsible for your happiness

rules of a relationshipHow to keep a relationship strong? by being responsible for my own happiness

yes, this is the first rules of a relationship, Do not rely on your partner only for happiness, because he is not sure that he can give it. Intellectual and emotional balance helps to obtain happiness. Relying only on a partner to please you is a surefire recipe for disaster because you will feel that he is abandoning you.

2. Honesty, then frankness

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Honesty is considered from the beginning the most important fundamentals rules of a relationship, and it helps in its success after that, despite the potential difficulties. As for concealing some facts or even trying to “decorate” them, this may lead to the collapse of the relationship, later or sooner.

3. Establish clear boundaries

Having clear boundaries is crucial. There are a lot of external factors that can affect your relationship, be it your relationship at work, with family, or with friends. It is important not to let them affect you. Setting clear boundaries for what is good for you and your partner is key to happiness and comfort. You should also respect each other’s boundaries!

4. Compatibility and acceptance of others

Realize that you may not agree with your partner about everything. Although we wish to find our twin souls, it is not necessary for our beloved to always see things in the same way as we do. This issue does not apply to all cases. People differ in many ways. They have different beliefs and opinions about religion, politics, and life, and these opinions, even if they differ, do not affect how much he loves you. It is very difficult to find someone who has a point of view that completely matches yours. Few disagreements are normal.

5. Settlement

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When it comes to what happens between two people, you can’t just do what you want all the time. A compromise must be found and both sides satisfied.

6. Preserving the appearance

Each party’s interest in his elegance is a matter that both parties are keen on at the beginning of the relationship and often diminish with time. It is okay to appear without makeup or in sportswear when meeting a potential life partner, but this should not be neglected in appearance. The same applies to the man who should not neglect ironing his clothes and paying attention to his appearance just to ensure that this woman will become his life partner.

7. Maintaining “free space”

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Engaging does not mean forgetting about friends, neglecting sports, and various hobbies. It is bad habits for a woman to feel resentful when she knows that her lover wants to spend time with his friends, or when a man objects to a woman going to the gym. Although the reasons for these matters are usually due to the desire of each party to spend as much time as possible with the other party, they are destructive of emotional relationships. As for giving your life partner enough freedom to spend some things away from you, it has a great advantage, which is to increase the state of longing.

8. Do not plan for a coming decade

One of the things that raise the man’s fears also at the beginning of the relationship is his discovery that the woman who just started dating her is planning the details of her future with him, the number of their children, and their place of residence during the coming years, as these things stimulate the man’s desire to escape to preserve his freedom, As the German romantic relationship expert Maximilian Winkler says.

9. Commitment to honesty

We all know that lying is toxic to a relationship. The only way to have a solid relationship is by being honest and not holding back, even if it is difficult for you to tell the truth. You can make sure you were clear by letting your partner know what is on your mind honestly.

10. Leave old wounds through forgiveness

Continuing in the relationship should be a choice, not destiny. The art of maintaining happiness in your life and relationship is based on good balance, leaving wounds, and forgiveness. Yes, sometimes, hatred or the constant memory of harm is difficult to avoid, but continuing without forgiveness is an option. Forgiveness is a remedy.

11. Admitting a mistake is a virtue.

Begin the relationship with a sincere heart … No human being has made mistakes, but those who confess and strive to correct mistakes will always win a lot of friends and lovers,

12. Stop gossiping and start communicating.

Follow this rule: “If I cannot say it in front of them, I must not say it behind their backs.” As Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Great minds discuss ideas, middle minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people.” Life is too short “to waste people talking, gossip, and trouble. If you don’t know, ask. If you don’t agree, say. If you don’t want to, talk but don’t judge people behind their backs.”

13. Do the activity that makes you happy.

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If you want to feel happy in a relationship, start living a life that makes you happy and doesn’t care about making others happy. If you want to end suffering in a relationship, stay away from dark and negative things, and encourage positivity. Really, the greatest strength in this world is the power of positivity.

14. Show your love with simple things every day.

Couple dating outdoors minrules of a relationship

Caress always leads to the best results! A smile, a touch, a kind word, and a sincere courtesy are simple gestures but have the power to turn your life on its head.

15. A listening ear.

13467 minthe 15 rule of relationships is a listening ear

Standing up and talking is something that takes some courage and must be met with more courage by opening your mind, listening, and paying attention. Be a good listener. Often the people in your life need a listening ear. Listen without intending to respond, but with the intention of understanding. Be as beautiful as the love you give, and as wise as the silence you leave behind.

16. Let love and trust overcome your fear.

Never lose love. You will lose by your retreat. No relationship is impossible, do not refuse to give him a new opportunity to prove himself. Love means giving someone a chance and not gaining your trust again. Without this trust, the relationship cannot continue. You have to believe in good faith Others!

17. Acceptance without expectations.

We aim in any relationship to gain unconditional acceptance, but we rarely “give it away! Remember, people may do things that contradict our expectations, but their actions indicate who they are. Not everything that is said is true. Don’t try to change people! Either you accept others as they are or turn away.

18. Learn to say no:


It is important for each part to use the word “no” when the situation demands, as this avoids many disagreements later on.

Remember, the safest relationships have small flaws. There is no black or white in the relationship. But there are always “difficulties in life!”

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