What is interpersonal skills?

interpersonal skills
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interpersonal relationship skills meaning

Whenever we heard about interpersonal skills , communication comes to our mind . Communication plays an important role in professional relationship and also the personal relationship interpersonal skills drive to success if we develop them and using them correctly .so how can we define skills and the interpersonal skills relationship?
Communication is the act of transferring the information between Person or group from one place.

person who transfer this information are called ( sender ) and the person who receive this information called receiver and to achieve a successful communication we need skills . What is Skills ?

What skills does a person need to build a successful relationship?

Skills means the ability  of doing something competently it can be innate or acquired . Many skills came from experience and development to accomplish your objectives with the right way you’ll need to be a good listener and a good speaker at the same way when we talk about this that mean we are talking about communication being good at communication include resolve conflicts effectively understand others emotions smartly and build a strong relationship .

Leadership spirit also has a mean role in personality skills development leadership mean being a leader the one who motivate and coach the others the one who should others inspired from initiative also is very important it show how much the person is responsible and capable . Teamwork , decision making , problem solving these 3 are pillars of every successful person who manage a profitable business , teamwork depends on understanding others opinions and exchange ideas rationally , in making decision they take their time and take the risk and all the possible problems that they will face with suggested solutions .

Problem solving always need to identify problems with the possible solutions and understand other’s opinions and compare them.

Interpersonal skills are the abilities we utilize each day when we communicate and interact with others they contain communication skills and ability to control and run the emotions. When we say communications skills that mean we are talking about good listening and effective speaking . Interpersonal skills are the key success of every successful person who fulfill his objective fastly .

What is interpersonal skills?

interpersonnal relationshipinterpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills include a list of skills:

Communication skills

Conflict resolution

Problem Solving

Understand Emotions

Decision making

The secret of interpersonal skills are negotiation and persuasion , negotiating mean solve a problem with right way avoiding problems and being nervous or it mean prove what you want and discuss with other until you find for solution that satisfy you and others. Persuasion is the act of convincing someone with enough arguments make him believe.

To be very good at interpersonal skills you need to keep in mind that self confidence is the first and important factor , you need to demonstrate self confidence in every opportunity you had share your ideas with others be closer let them see your opinions and your thought. Be professional , respectful , independent that give an amazing appearance that give you a good feeling of worth. Be open that mean all feedbacks must be respected and discussed with professionalism even if it was negative respect during negotiation gives an positive impact to person.

Body language has an important influence in the interpersonal skills in the body language we should focus on :

  • -Eye contact
  • -Facial Expressions
  • -Gestures
  • -Personal space
  • -Posture and body position
  • Emotional intelligence
  • -Interpersonal skills also include being a good listener


When the speaker talks the listener should listen to him and try to be a part from the speech if you don’t listen to someone who speaks he can notice it easily from the body language from example the absence of the eye contact or when someone are nodding. Try to practice your interpersonal skills by practice communicating and listening , Develop your emotional intelligence and focus about negotiation and persuading it will help you in your career and your personal life.

Interpersonal communication is the process which we exchange ideas , feelings by communicating , to realize a successful interpersonal communication we need to develop our skills and capabilities which it help on the professional career and personal live for a long term. Interpersonal communication has a different benefits it help in giving and receiving an emotional support and also make decisions and solve problems also influence attitude and behavior of others and sense of inspire others.

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