What is relationship?

what is relationship
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What is the relationship in love?

what is relationshipwhat is relationship

Relationship mean the way of being related, the state of being connected, and associated. To keep a relationship successful all you need is and to love yourself because if you don’t love yourself don’t expect others to love you, if you don’t love yourself how can you share love with other person? Give enough love and care for yourself because that’s the important thing in a relationship, be kind and forgive yourself you deserve all the best things the secret for a good relationship is when both parties love their self first and make this thing very necessary.

What does relationship mean?


confidence help you to attract beautiful things into your life and to empower yourself and others, the rule number one of any relationship is respect and trust, respect make others appreciate you and measure you with the high value, and create the sense of loyalty between you and the other person, a relationship is built with trust, trust contribute to make you and the other one very close to each other and keep the relationship stay longer, being Openness has a main role it shows the capacity of understand other partner beliefs, thoughts,..it drive to achieve a wonderful communication chemistry effectively and efficiently.

A healthy relationship stay longer due to the emotional connection with other the ability to understand other’s feelings basically make other feel loved maintain the security maintain emotional accomplishment in every successful relationship there are two couples who give and takes. and that’s the gold rule learn to make an reasonable exchange, learn to solve a conflict reasonably in every relationship there is a conflicts but try to choose the best way and keep the respect identify what’s important to your partner to make relationship longer and avoid what makes the partner angry.

Nowadays majority of relationships are spending on the virtual world ( laptop, phone ) spend the maximum time face to face using the eye contact are very powerful it gives the other a positive impression and use the body language in communication try to be innovative at doing new things together, focus to have fun together and doing things together, this is a very effective way to make the relationship lasts longer and to avoid repetition and routine.

What is the purpose of a relationship?

Relationship goals consist and the methods used to make a relationship stronger and successful to achieve this you need first to make the relationship a priority make it important by checking for the partner show him/her how you much cared make other feel grateful and valuable it help on preserve the relationship for the short and long term.

Of course don’t forget yourself give also a time for yourself do your hobbies, visit family and friends to keep the confidence and the self-love during the relationship to be capable to give the love in this relationship, always find a way to try new things together have a fin and enjoy every happy second together it help you both to stay positive and appreciate other. And always remember to be for other that mean help the other when the partner face a difficult situation or something always support the partner that contribute to create a stronger trust between you and other.

Sometimes we observe an inseparable couple love each other very much and we always wondering how? this couple to keep the love they made a sacrifices and a lot of things to protect it relationship to keep their relationship they set a different couple goals this couple they have an aim to not leave each other to stay always together in sickness and in health , in relationship to be capable to take the good with the bad is a true sign of strength things can be good sometimes and worse sometimes it depends on how you can deal with if you deal with this correctly that’s a strength always be together with you partner in every single situation or important event for him/her be two not one alone when the other notice that they respect and trust you more , be honest when you are and clear to other things become clearer and the possibility of a successful is going up and your partner estimate you more , live the adventure together adventure give a good sense for relationship it makes both of you discover new things about other as we have say previously be innovative do new things unique things for you both visit new places that help you stay closer to each other also surprising each other like creating an event to express how much you love your partner , the ability to deal with financial forecast make the relationship stay wonderful support other in the financial problems and suggest solution if you can help do when you do this your partner love you more and here we are applying the rule of two not one always together the most questions asked in couple relationship are :

1: Do you think I can be your lover and the same time your best friend?

If you want your relationship to last understand other be close make him / her be safe be the best friend at the same time lover.

2: What are the different points between us?

Sometimes the opposites can attracts other to you.

3: Would you like to make me happy?

Trust is the basis of every successful relationship so if you lie on time the partner will have a lot of doubt against you I suggest to avoid every type of lies no matter the cause.

4: What are the most disturbing habits of couples?

  • Loud eating/ drinking
  • Trouble maker
  • Looking at cell phone
  • Aggressive Drivers
  • Swearing Beating nails
  • Comparison with others

What are the 4 types of relationships?

Relationships can be of changeable duration, it rapidly becomes obvious that the two individuals included are not good and try not to need to spend their carries on with together, thus the relationship may end after just a couple of months. In different cases, the two individuals might be together for a long time or may remain together for the remainder of their lives.

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